"I no longer have to walk up and give somebody a check. Now it's all online and secure"





Robert Ansel, a south Texan native, has been renting in the Bay Area for two years after recently graduating from Duke University. Robert is used to living like a college student in his old college town. However, after securing a job with Box, a San Francisco Bay Area startup, he wanted to escape the college lifestyle. He had already landed his dream college and job. Next thing on the list was finding his dream home. 


Like many renters in the Bay Area, Robert’s initial rental experience was unfavorable. He was dealing with an unresponsive Mountain View landlord who was not transparent in handling maintenance requests and rent collection. This escalated to where he never felt comfortable giving his landlord his rent check because of unaddressed maintenance repairs. Robert and his roommates have been actively searching for a new rental in order to escape the chaos of renting with the same landlord.


The idea of “home” is very sentimental for most owners and renters. For Robert, “home is somewhere you’re willing to put down roots. A funny way of putting it is it’s where Wifi connects automatically.” After successfully signing a lease with Onerent, Robert and his roommates were able to take a breather for the first time in months knowing they could live easy in Redwood City. Robert Ansel’s narration in “This is home” - through the eyes of a renter” dives in deeper for how he defines ‘home’.

The San Francisco Bay Area is an incredible place to live. Robert had his eyes on living Redwood City because, “it is under a mile from the CalTrain station, and barely a mile from work.” The monthly auto-payments were the biggest feature that kept his rental experience with Onerent streamlined and consistent. As Robert explained before, his old method of paying rent in person led to awkward talks with his unresponsive landlord. After signing a Onerent lease, Robert said, “It has been a definite improvement because I don’t have to worry about setting up payments every month. I can just autopay. It just works and I don’t have to deal with mispayments.” Something as small as handing over a rent check to an off-putting stranger can completely diminish a positive rental experience. 

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Robert can relate to most Bay Area renters’ struggles regarding overcrowding and the competitive rental nature. He hopes that Onerent will become a real estate network for tenants to find a home on a reliable platform. For a property management company whose mission is to deliver the simplified rental experience that everyone can trust, having our renters care for other Onerent renters alike in the Onerent neighborhood is a step towards solving the growing housing crisis.

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