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The final installment of The Buy and Hold Blueprint Series has arrived - Crafting a Strategic Tax Plan. Designed to make researching taxes more bearable, this free eBook focuses on providing real estate investors with a high level overview of proven tax strategies that can save them thousands every year.

Tax education can seem daunting at first because, as is the case with most subjects, the more you learn, the more you realize that you don’t know. This can make figuring out where to start quite difficult. Well, as you’ll learn you don’t have to know the ins and outs of real estate tax law to realize the benefits of its loopholes. Instead, all it takes is the ability to speak intelligently about the general strategy you want to implement with your accountant.


That’s right, you’ll need an accountant.

“But that’s an unnecessary expense”!

No it’s not, and you’ll see how it pays for itself, and more.

The guide is broken down into two major sections:



You’re probably paying for something that you can write off. In this section you will learn how to identify and track expenses that you can deduct on your tax returns at the end of every year. It covers everything from home office expenses to airplane tickets.


This section is comprised of three topics: how to defer capital gains taxes year after year, how to transfer assets to your kids tax free, and finally how to fund your portfolio with tax free money. Property owners often overlook these loopholes because several of them are only applicable to those who own rental property, and therefore are less known.

Real estate is a tax friendly industry that is littered with loopholes designed to incentivize people to invest. Failing to take advantage of these loopholes essentially eliminates one of the biggest advantages real estate has over stocks as an investment medium. A little bit of planning can lead to you retaining thousands of dollars every year.

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