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At the end of a long day, people want to come home to an attractive, well-kept place. In addition to the basic upkeep of the exterior, landscaping is an integral aspect of enhancing the “curb appeal” of your property.  With that in mind, it’s also important to remember the key to any successful investment is maximizing income while minimizing expenditures. With this in mind, these low maintenance landscaping strategies for your rental property will keep it looking nice with a minimal monthly outlay.


Incorporate Accent Plants Native to Your Area

Foliage accustomed to growing in the environment in which your property is located will require considerably less care than non-native plants. Further, it usually requires less water, very little fertilizer and minimal attention. Native plantings also capture the natural ambiance of the area in which your property is located. Done well, this can make the house or apartment building more attractive to potential tenants.

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Substitute Ground Cover for Plantings

Rather than planting every square foot of the property, consider employing ground covers such as mulch, gravel, bark or wood chips in strategic areas. Along with minimizing maintenance, these materials will help keep moisture in the ground in drier regions, potentially reducing your water expenditures. They also curtail the propagation of weeds and other undesirable plants. Going with this type of ground cover, as opposed to mosses or other low-growing plants, further reduces the amount of water you’ll need to maintain the appearance of your landscaping.


Employ Paving Stones

Judiciously applied paving stones can enhance the beauty of a property by adding an air of elegance that is difficult to accomplish with concrete. In addition to being more attractive in appearance, paving stones are easier to install than concrete. You can use them to create borders, patios, walkways and driveways. In addition to all of these advantages of paving stones over concrete, they don’t crack as readily and can be easily replaced if one is damaged, which keeps the look of your property as optimal as possible.


Avoid Fountains and Waterfalls

While they create soothing sounds and are undeniably attractive in appearance, water features also raise your utility bills. You’ll pay for the electricity required to operate their pumps and you’ll incur higher water bills. Even the fountains and waterfalls designed to recycle water experience evaporation and that water must be replaced for the feature to continue to perform as designed. You’ll also be looking at an additional maintenance item, as they need to be cleaned and their plumbing will eventually need attention.


Install Artificial Turf

Hey, if it’s good enough for the Dallas Cowboys’ stadium, it’s good enough for your rental property. In all seriousness though, while the initial installation cost is somewhat significant, the long-term savings accrued will more than make up for it. Mowing is eliminated, as is watering, mulching, fertilization and every other aspect of care required for organic turf. Weeding ceases to be an issue, as does aerating and edging.

These simple moves will lower your landscaping costs significantly, while making your property more visually appealing and reducing your vacancy rates.

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