California is experiencing it’s largest storm in decades. Mudslides, floods, and heavily wind is destroying neighborhoods in Northern California.  The storms is adding over 350 billions gallons of water to parched reservoirs across California. Here are three ways to prepare for a rain and flood storm this winter season.



Clean your gutters

Rain travels off the roof into the gutters. Be sure your gutters are clear of leaves and debris, otherwise your gutters will overflow and collapse. Water trapped in the gutters can rot through metal, costing thousands to repair. 

clean gutters for california rain storm


Read more about easy maintenance repairs that can save you money.

Drive safely

More people are trapped and die in their vehicles than anywhere else during a flood. Fast moving water can easily sweep away a large SUV regardless of how strong or heavy the tires are. Turn around and don’t drown! (Read more about flood safely:

car in flood california rains

Check your flood insurance

If you live in a high flood risk area, buy flood insurance if you need it. Basic homeowners insurance does not cover flood damage. Homeowners can insure a home up to $250,000 and contents up to $100,000. Renters can insure their belongings for up to $100,000.

California flash flood warning insurance

Taking these small precautions can save you and your family from a large tragedy this winter. Learn more about quick home fixes by subscribing to our FREE real estate blog.

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