Team Onerent

We meet a lot of self managing landlords who see property managers as unnecessary luxuries. Mark Cabral used to be of the same thought, but a year after signing up with OneRent he wishes he would have made the switch sooner.

Self Managing Rental Property Real Estate Veteran


Mark Cabral began his real estate portfolio in 1992 with a single property in San Jose, California. With the help of his partner, Mark lived out his self-management role ready at any moment's notice - if something went wrong, Mark and his partner were the pair to, literally, fix it. For the two, real estate was a way to ensure long-term financial security, a familiar motive for many self-managers.


Because of his extensive experience in the business, Mark never really considered using a property management service. But unlike the growth in his handyman skills through self-managing, the constant worry of something going wrong at his property never really diminished with time. Vacations out of the country or even a weekend getaway meant that mark needed the peace of mind that his property would be taken care of without him being physically present.

In Partnership

After twenty-two years of property managing, Mark signed up with OneRent, and he has yet to look back. With OneRent's rent guarantee, Mark has his rent paid to him on time on the third of every month right to his bank account. Plus, he doesn't have to chase anyone down because that's not on him. His detailed monthly financial statements keep the process and our communication transparent. Through the tenant selection process, Mark can simply set the specific requirements that potential tenants must meet while OneRent takes care of the rest. With OneRent, Mark chooses how involved he wants to be in the process, a choice he didn't have as a self-manager.

Above all, OneRent's emergency maintenance line keeps Mark in control when things out of his control happen. Just when time felt like it was running out during a revamp on his property, Mark realized a sink needed to be replaced. With a quick call to the maintenance line, OneRent was able to send out a service partner to get the job fixed. Just two days later, the property was completely ready to go.

With OneRent, Mark simply is relaxed. Whether he's on vacation or in the middle of teaching a class, he doesn't worry anymore because he doesn't have to. OneRent takes the burden off, a freedom he hadn't experienced as a self-manager.